Block Your Phone Number (Call Incognito)

Ever since the Mobile Phones have been introduced, Caller ID has been one of the most primitive features of them. Caller ID will give you the basic information about the person calling on your Cell Phone. However, for some reasons, some people don’t want to share their Caller ID with the other people, therefore, they use Call Incognito to do this task. One of the main reasons to block the caller ID from being shared is that you are calling to some services from the internet and you don’t want to show your caller id to avoid the future telesales calls. Moreover, if a person has blocked your number, you can use the below-mentioned methods to call them anyway without sharing the Caller ID. You can use the following methods to block your caller ID from being showed to other persons.

  1. Using Specific Codes:

This is the best, free and temporary method to block phone number from being shared with other people. All you have to do is to dial up a code before the phone number of recipient and your caller id will be automatically blocked. As this the temporary method so you will have to dial the code every time before making the call. This method will even work if someone has blocked your phone number on their cell phone. Here are the different codes that will work depending upon the cellular networks.

If none of the above-mentioned method has worked for you, you will have to use the alternative options as mentioned below.

  1. Block Via Cellular Service:

Most of the telecom operators provide this feature for a small fee and this is the most suitable option for those who make a lot of calls and don’t want to share their caller ID with any of them. All you have to do is your network provider and ask them to activate this feature. This is the permanent solution for this problem which saves the problem of dialing a specific code every time.

  1. Block Caller ID From Phone Settings:

If you are using a Smartphone, you can block your phone number from sharing with the other persons. The method of blocking the phone number will be different for different smartphones depending upon the operating system and manufacturers.

From the Home screen, click on Settings. Scroll down and Tap on Phone

On the next screen, again scroll down and tap on Show My Caller ID

Now, you can Turn OFF this option to block your Phone Number from being shown.

Although the method to block the Caller ID on Android phone may differ depending upon the manufacturer, however, the basics are pretty much same.

Go to Settings on your Android Phone and Tap on Call under Device Settings

Tap on More Settings as shown in the screenshot below.

Tap on Show my caller ID

Now, select the option for your phone number.

  1. Using Different Apps:

Apart from the native methods, you can also use some applications to block the caller id on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Basically, iTunes doesn’t allow the caller id blocking application, so, your iPhone should be jailbroken to use one application. However, this case is a little different for the Android and Blackberry users which can easily download an application from the store to hide their caller id.