Change Your Homepage on Chrome

Google chrome is a product of Google and definitely comes with its homepage as default. This is boring especially when you want to customize the browser to suit your needs. Changing your homepage in Chrome is pretty simple, with a few clicks you are good to go. For mobile phones such as Android or Ios, changing homepage proves to be difficult because the browser on startup leads you to a new tab.

On Google Chrome you can customize to open any page for the homepage or startup page. These two pages aren’t the same unless you set them to be.

If your startup page, homepage, or search engine has suddenly changed, then you may have unwanted software.

Here is a step by step easy way to change your homepage on Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser
  2. On the upper right corner of the browser, click on Menu button
  3. A drop down menu will be displayed, locate Settings and click on it.
  4. A new tab will open, locate the Appearance button and click on Show homepage button.
  5. Click change to set homepage to your preference.
  6. Type in the web address you wish to set as your homepage.
  7. Before you go click save changes to ensure that the settings are saved.

There you go the settings have now been saved and your favorite homepage will be opened on start up.

Solve problems with your homepage

If you’re seeing a homepage or startup page that you didn’t set yourself, your computer may have malware. Learn how to block unwanted changes to Chrome. Your network administrator may choose your startup page(s) or homepage for you, in which case you won't be able to change them here. Learn about using a managed Chrome device.

In some instances, homepages may be difficult to remove because of a malware it embeds. Run a malware protection plan to ensure that your browser is clean.