Crack a Facebook Password and Protect Yourself

Facebook is the way that the people of the world talk to each other. The social media giant currently has more than 1.35 billion users which is close to 20% of the world’s population. One of the problems that Facebook users face is that there are people taking advantage of its growth in nefarious ways.  Surprisingly, despite some of the security problems that Facebook has it is fairly easy to break its users’ passwords. Once a password is broken, an account can be hacked and the hacker can steal information or send out embarrassing messages from the owner’s account.

It does not take an expert to break a person’s Facebook password and this article will discuss several ways it can be done.


Method No. 1

The first method is the simplest. It can be easy to hack into a person’s Facebook account if you are friends or know them well. The first step is to get your intended victim’s email address. If you do not already have it, check their Facebook page contact information section.  Next, click on “forgotten your password” and type in the victim’s password. When they’re account comes up click “this is my account”. You will then be asked if you would like to reset the password, via the victims email. At that point you click that you “no longer have access to it”.

How to Protect Yourself - The best way to protect yourself from having your password rest is to use strong security questions. Also use an email address specifically for you Facebook account and do not put the address on your Facebook contact information.


Method No. 2

The second method that can be used to access a victim’s Facebook password is to load a Keylogger program onto their computer. In order to do this, you have to have access to their computer because the program has to be manually loaded. CNET offers free Keylogger programs which, as the name implies, is free.

How to Protect Yourself - The best way to protect yourself from a Keylogger program is to use a firewall or a password manager.

 Method No. 3

The third method to steal a Facebook user’s password is by phishing. This method takes some advanced computer knowledge. It can be done creating a fake login page that can be sent to the victim through their email. This method can be difficult and, as previously mentioned, the perpetrator would need advanced computer knowledge.

How to Protect Yourself - The best way to get around Phishing is not to enter your Facebook account through email links.


Method No. 4

The fourth method commonly used to break into a Facebook account is through the use of cookies. Cookies do not actually steal the login password but they do allow the hacker to access the account. It takes a hacker with advanced computer knowledge to break into an account through the use of cookies.

How to Protect Yourself - Make sure that your Facebook Secure Browsing setting is enabled.