Create an Apple ID Without Adding a Credit Card

Apple iTunes and App Store are home to thousands of free podcasts, iBooks, mobile applications, games, and music for users. With one of the largest offerings in the mobile world, it is no secret that most people are itching to have their own account. However, you might not want to tack on your personal credit card information during the account setup process. Luckily for you, there are three options for creating an Apple ID without adding a credit card.

Create an Apple ID Without Adding a Credit Card on Your Computer

When you sign up for an Apple ID, you are prompted to enter a payment method because the company assumes you will want to take advantage of their vast library of paid books, movies, apps, and music. In order to bypass this option when signing up on your computer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit and select the download file for your PC.
  2. Double click on the file from your DOWNLOADS folder to start the installation process. This will take approximately 10 minutes. If you are having trouble, please see this helpful video.
  3. Launch iTunes when installation is completed.
  4. iTunes will now walk you through the process of setting up your Apple ID.
  5. Select NONE on the payment setup screen and save your settings.

Create an Apple ID Without Adding a Credit Card on Your Phone or Tablet

In order to set up an account on your mobile device or tablet, you will need to have iOS 9 or higher. Prior to this update, users were unable to choose to set up their account without a credit card. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Click on grey gear icon for SETTINGS. Then GENERAL -> SOFTWARE UPDATE and see if your device is up to date. If not, select to install new update.
  2. Click purple iTUNES icon to launch the app within your device. This comes pre-loaded onto your device. If you cannot find it, the app may be hidden. This happens when a device is set up to not allow downloads if it is not connected to the internet. To change your restrictions, Click on grey gear icon for SETTINGS. Then GENERAL -> RESTRICTIONS. Click “Disable Restrictions” at the top of the page.
  3. If you have not set up an iTunes account, the app will prompt you to do so. If you already have an Apple ID and want to remove your payment option, scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on your Apple ID and select VIEW APPLE ID from the pop-up menu.
  4. Select PAYMENT INFORMATION from the screen and select NONE under “Payment Type”.

Alternative Payment Options for Purchasing with an Apple ID Without Adding a Credit Card

There are two other options if you would like to still make purchase but are not interested in adding your credit card. The first is to set up your account with a link to PayPal. This can only be done through your payment settings on a computer – not a mobile device or tablet. The second option is to purchase iTunes gift cards at your favorite retailer or online. These can easily be redeemed and used on iTunes, iBooks, or the App store.