Download Songs from Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the most popular music services to listen and purchase audio tracks for the Android and Windows users. With the vast library and high-quality 320Kbps, Google Play music is not a bad deal for any users. If you are a premium users, you can easily download these tracks to listen them on your Android device or your computer without a connection. But for all those users, who are using the free Google Play Music, you can also download the different tracks using the third party software such as iSkysoft Audio Recorder, Wondershare Tunes Go, and Song Spout.

Various applications work by different methods for example; iSkysoft Audio Recorder and Wondershare Tunes Go will record the playing track on your computer, and you can save them. Although they provide a great way to record tracks from any online service such as Google Play Music, YouTube, Spotify and even Apple music and even the recorded tracks will be automatically tagged. However, the sound quality is not up to the mark. Alternatively, Song spout is an excellent service that will let you save high-quality tracks without any problem. Unlike the recording programs, you will not have to listen to the track to record them, Song spout will automatically record every track without any problem and can even skip the song. So, you can download thousands of tracks within an hour or less.


How to Download Songs from Google Play Music:

Song Spout is a standalone program which means that you will not have to install the program on your windows. Just, download it and run it. Once you open the Song Spout, it will redirect you to the login screen of the Google Play. Click on the Sign In

On the next screen, enter the username of your Google account and hit the Next button. Enter the password of your account and hit the Sign In.

As this account will collect all of your playlists, albums, songs and artists, so, it may take some time to load. Be patient and let it complete the loading.

As soon as the bar is finished, you will see the main screen of your Google Play Music account. There are too very import settings in the tool. Click on the little Settings icon as shown in the screenshot below. Here you can select the location to save the music files from Google Play Music. The Auto Save feature will automatically save the track and Skip after Save will move to the next song after finishing the downloading. If you are downloading tracks from a Radio station, we will recommend you to turn these options OFF.

Now, select a song or playlist that you want to download and play it. As you will hit the Play button, the settings icon will be changed into a loading circle. When the circle is completed, it has downloaded the track.

Now, go to the folder that you have already selected in the third step, and here you will find all the downloaded tracks.

Spout Song is a small yet fantastic software that works pretty well, however, it may get stuck while using the free radio services from Google Play.