Print Google Maps

Finding what you are looking for in a city or town has never been so easier with the help of Google Maps. In case you are not familiar, this is a navigation tool developed by Google, which can be accessed on any browser. It is highly accurate and has most of the places and buildings that you will be looking for. What is more, it is regularly updated with new information. Well, it is quite clear, that you will not have internet all the time when you are going on a trip for instance, therefore, you need somehow to print the map and use it whenever it is needed. Fortunately, Google Maps has this feature and it is open to use from anyone, anywhere. In order to do it, simply follow the steps pointed out below as they will guide you through the entire process and make sure you have got everything right.

How to print Google Maps?

Step 1 - Targeting what you want to be printed

Open your favourite browser(does not matter which one is it for this problem) and type in Google - “Google Maps”. Choose the first link that appears and a world map will open, providing you with the chance to move around, until you are satisfied with the position. If you are looking for a specific place, it will be easier if you type the address/name in the search bar at the upper left corner of the screen. As soon as you find it, zoom in or out as much as you like, having in mind that what will be printed is what you are currently seeing in your browser.

Step 2 - Call your browser’s printing options

Most of the times, all you need to do is press “Ctrl + P” for Windows and “Command + P” for Mac. However, there are times when this shortcut is not available due to change from the user or just the browser does not support it. In cases like that, simply go to the main menu and click on “File” and then choose “Print”.

Step 3 - Provide the needed details

Once you have opened the settings menu for printing, what you have to do is adjust some details in the way you want and think it will be most suitable. Sometimes you have to choose “Show Details” in order for the settings to come up. One thing you can change is the orientation of the picture as this is highly important. In a landscape mode you will be able to see much more details, which sometimes is vital when travelling in an unfamiliar area. You can also choose how many copies you need. This could be useful if more than one person will be using the map. Never forget to adjust the paper size as well. Keep in mind that you have a number of options to choose from, so find the one that will fit best.

In case you have not noticed yet, the “Print” button is not available until you choose a printer for the operation. Pick the one you need or enter a new one, this is up to you.

The provided example is done with Safari but the process is fairly similar for all browsers as stated before.

This video will assist you in the process:

[youtube id="BUJYw5y9iJw" width="600" height="340" position="center"]