Send and receive emails with Gmail

Gmail by the giant search engine Google is one of most popular Email services which was launched back in 2004. The simplest user-interface, ability to categorize the emails, free storage support and amazing security have been main reasons behind the success of Gmail. Sending and receiving Emails with Gmail is an easy feat and there plenty of options available while creating an Email. Moreover, you can also change different options for receiving Emails. Different types of emails can be divided into different categories depending upon the sender and contents of the Email. Here is the complete guide to send and receive Emails with the Gmail and we have included some professional tips to use the Gmail in the best possible Way.

Send Emails with Gmail:

The first thing which you need for sending and receiving Emails is a Gmail account. You can follow our step by step guide to create a Gmail account. After creating an account, you will need to login to your Gmail. Once you have login, you will be redirected to the main page of the Gmail.

Composing New Emails:

On the main page of Gmail, Click on the “Compose” button in the top left corner to compose an Email.

You can also use a Keyboard shortcut to create a new Email, from your Keyboard, Simply press the “C” letter and the composing windows will be opened.

You can expand the composing to Full screen by Clicking on two way arrow button right next to the cross as shown in the screenshot below.

First of All, Write down the Email Address of the recipient in “To”. If you have the recipient in your contacts list, write a word and Gmail will automatically show you the last of starting with that word.

In the Subject Field, Write down the subject of your Email.

The last line of composing window contains different options such as formatting, attachments, inserting photos and etc. Here’s what they are for.

Reply to an Email:

Replying to an Email is pretty much simple, open an already received Email and Hit the letter “R” on your Keyboard to reply to an Email. You can also click on “Reply” button at the end of an Email.

The composing window is not that big, but you will have the same feature just like composing a new Email.

Receive Emails with Gmail:

With the new interface, Gmail has made it really easy to differentiate between different types of Emails. Now, all your Email will be received under different categories. You can enable the Tabs option to clean your inbox from unwanted Emails. For example: Person to Person Emails will come under primary Tab, a notification from a social networking website will fall under “Social” Tab, Emails from other websites will come under “Updates” and Lastly, Email notifications from forums will come under “Forums” tab.

To enable the tabs, Click on the Settings Button right below your photo.

Click on the “Configure Inbox”

Now, select different tabs that you want to enable and Click on “Save”.

This will not only save you a lot of time to read important Emails but will also clean your Inbox from unnecessary Emails.

Professional Tips: