Update Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an extremely popular web browser. Millions of people use it daily because it is one of the best. Recently, Chrome just got a massive update meant to improve its overall performance and run faster than ever. If you’re using it, make sure to update to the latest variant in order to enjoy the browsing experience to the fullest.

Update Google Chrome on a PC

Updating Chrome on a computer is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is head over to the Menu. The three-lined “hamburger” should be on the top right corner of the browser’s main page.

Click it, and if there is an update is available you should see the “Update Google Chrome” option. If not, then you already have the latest version.

Those with an outdated version should click “Update Google Chrome”. That’s it. Now restart your computer and you’re done. Your browser will now work at its fullest potential.

Update Google Chrome on iOS devices

If you’re using an iPad or iPhone and you’d like to have the latest version of Google Chrome, go to “Updates”. The tab can be found in the App Store. If there’s a Chrome update available you should click “Update All”. Chrome will begin updating to the latest version. The Download time shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds.

Update Google Chrome on Android devices

If your device is using Android and you’d like to have Google’s latest version of Chrome, go to the Play Store icon and hit “My Apps”. Apps that have available updates should have “Update” listed underneath. If your version of Chrome is outdated, you should be able to see it. Hit download and install the update. In case you’d like for future updates to download automatically, change your settings from the Play Store settings section.

Why should you download the latest version of Google Chrome?

The latest version of Chrome is meant to improve the browsing experience of its users. In fact, updates are recommended because they’re meant to add functionality to old variants of the browser. You’ll be a lot more protected, you’ll have additional extensions you can use, and you will be more protected from outside threats. According to Google, Chrome’s latest version (Chrome 45) saves battery power and memory by handling resources a lot more efficiently.

The company recently announced that the improved version of the browser comes with a host of fresh tricks. Tabs for example, will be restored automatically beginning from the most viewed to the least viewed in case you quit the browser unexpectedly. In case your computer lacks resources, Chrome won’t restore tabs that you rarely use, thus saving memory.