Change Your Gmail Password

If you suspect that there are some chances that your account has been tampered with in any way, or you just want to play it safe, the best way for you to take is to either change your password without delay as you can become a victim of identity theft, or change your password from time to time if it’s to keep ahead of hackers or anyone else for that matter.

Changing your Gmail password is so easy that you can even do it every week if you feel like and seeing that it can give you peace of mind, why not. The following are guidelines you can use to help you change your password.

Steps to follow if you are using a mobile device are slightly different but even simpler. Sign in to your account as usual then go to the ‘sign in & security’ section from which you should choose ‘signing into Google’. From there, hover over the ‘password’ button and click. The same prompts as for your computer will ask that you enter your desired password. After you do that you choose the ‘change password’ button and you are good to go. This applies to most mobile devices but one or two might have additional requirements.