Create a Hotmail Account

Hotmail is one of the oldest Email web service offered by Microsoft, it has been modified over the certain period of time. Back in 2013, Microsoft changed the name of Hotmail to Outlook. The good thing is that you can still create a Hotmail account on the Outlook website and can use it for different purposes such as one drive, Xbox Live, login to your Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC and all other services provided by Microsoft. Creating a Hotmail account is very simple and easy, all you have to do is think of unique Email address, a strong password and your active mobile number. It will take you a few minutes to create the Hotmail account. Here’s the step by step guide to create a Hotmail account.

Creating the Hotmail or Outlook Account:

Go to the main page of Outlook: At the end of the page, Click on “Sign up Now”

Write down your First Name and Surname. In the next field, write down the “Username” of your account which will be your Email address. You should take certain things in your mind while selecting username such as it should not look odd, it should be easy to remember and should contain either your First name or Surname. After writing the username, select the services that you want to use. Natively, it will be, but you can change it to the Another thing which you should take in your mind, we are pretty sure that normal username will not work and it may have been taken. So instead of writing something like  try something

The next field will require your password, you should select a strong password which should include symbols, Upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers or a combination of all of these. Moreover, you can also use a password generator service to create the strongest password for your account. We will highly recommend you to write down this password on a piece of a paper, so, you won’t forget it in the future.

Write down other basic information such as your region or country, Date of Birthday and select your “Gender”.

The next thing is all about making your account secure, you can either enter your personal mobile phone number or otherwise can add and alternative Email address, only if you already have one. Otherwise just skip it for now.

Now, enter the characters as shown in the picture. You should take care of the upper case letters and lower case letters as well. After doing that, Simply Click on “Create Account”

That’s it! It will redirect you to the Inbox, where you can send and receive Emails using your Hotmail account. The best part about using Outlook is that you will also get 15 GB free one drive space to save your important contents such as Photos, documents and spreadsheet.