Create an Apple ID without Credit Card

Apple ID is all-in-one Apple account which can be used to download songs from iTunes, apps from the app store, iCloud storage and iCloud Activation. Apple ID can be created on both the iTunes on your PC and App Store on your iPhone without credit card. Normally, you can’t create an Apple ID without the Credit card, however, there is a trick by which can easily create an Apple ID without the credit card. Follow these steps to create an Apple ID without Credit Card.

Creating an Apple ID without Credit Card on PC:


How to do?

The trick behind getting an Apple ID without credit card is pretty much simple, all you have to do is download a free application for iPhone from the App Store and you will be good to go. First of All, Get the latest version of iTunes from the links given above and install it on your PC.

Click on the “Three dots” in Top left corner and Click on Apps.

Now, Click on “App Store”

Click on any free app and Click on “Get”

A new windows will be opened, Click on “Create New Apple ID”.

In the next window, Click on “Continue”

Tick the box that you have read and Agree to the terms and conditions and Click on “Agree” button

Now, you will have to provide some details about your Apple ID, write down your Email address and the password. This password should be different with your Email address because it will be the password of your Apple Account. We recommend you to use upper case and lower case letters, numbers and symbols as your password.

One of the most important parameter in the Apple ID is selecting three security questions and answer them accordingly. This will not only secure your account but will also help you to recover your password.

Enter your Date of Birth and click on “Continue”

On the next page, it will ask you about your credit card, select “None”

Enter your billing details, your name, address, and click on “Create Apple ID”

That’s it! You have successfully created your Apple ID, go to your Email address to verify your Apple ID account.

Creating an Apple ID on iPhone:

The process of creating an Apple ID on iPhone is similar to that of iTunes. First of All, go to the App store, find a free app and download it on your iPhone. When it will ask you to Sign In, Tap on “Create New Account” and rest of the procedure is identical to that of iTunes.

Things to Remember: