Create Form on Google Drive

Google forms are a very useful, light and quick tool for collecting survey/ questionnaire responses, couple that with the fact that they are free to use and you have yourself a sure winner. Create form on Google Drive you'll have to follow below process.

  1. A Google account is prerequisite; you need to have access to the Google Drive service If you do not have an account, create one on

  1. From the simple interface you get the option to create a form by clicking on the red ‘NEW’ button followed by the ‘MORE’ Clicking the ‘GOOGLE FORMS’ option opens a new tab where your new and untitled form will be ready for you to customize it to fit your requirements.

  1. You can edit the title of the form by clicking on the space where a placeholder title has been created for you and add any text, video or image into your form. The initial form presented to you will be plain but there are many colors themes to pick from under the first menu on the top right of your screen. You can even have an image of your choice set as the theme by clicking on the option that lets you browse your library to select the image.

  1. When creating the questions part of the form, it is always best to have the questions clearly written somewhere and paste them into the spaces provided. This makes it easier to go through the creation process. Each question can be set to either be single answer or multiple. The type of response you expect to each question should be the guiding factor when actually creating the questions.

  1. Once all the sections of your form have been filled out to your satisfaction, you can preview the form by selecting on the menu item with an eye on it. This will give you a chance to correct any errors you may have made and to give you the first run of what the intended recipients of the form will experience.

  1. You can further improve on the experience of reading your form for its final users by editing the form settings. Access these settings by clicking the final menu option with the familiar settings icon and a pop-up will appear. Settings include how many times a respondent can respond to your form, whether or not they can edit their responses once submitted and if or not you are fine with the respondents taking a peak at how other respondents have responded to the survey.

  1. Once done with all the above tasks, you can send the form to any email address you wish to or share it on social media. Clicking on the ‘SEND’ button ensures you can have respondents start providing you with valuable feedback.

You can also create a link and share with your respondents.