Crack Wifi Password

Wifi has over 750 million users worldwide. Unfortunately, this tech is susceptible to cracking thus, rendering it insecure. There are 10 major ways used by the trick stars to crack Wifi password. These methods are not static, they keep on changing and therefore, it is necessary that you be updated about them. One thing that needs to be noted is that technology is changing rapidly and the new methods are becoming complex every passing day.

  1. Wifi Phishing

Wifi Phishing remains the leading method employed by tricksters to crack Wifi passwords. This vector is updated and can be carried out in different fashions. The victim is then lured in to logging in to the account and this is how it becomes easy to get the email address and the passwords that are required to successfully crack Wifi passwords. To make it easy for them to crack Wifi passwords, the cracker downloads the text that enables him to quickly get the victims credentials.

  1. Stealing Users Cookies

The other method that is used to crack Wifi passwords is to use the browser to steal the password which is normally stored there. Most of the stealers who use this convenient method, which is equally dangerous, are a software specialist who specializes in capturing the password that had been saved and stored in the victims’ browser. Session hijacking is the other method that is used by crooks to crack Wifi passwords. The method is dangerous and works by stealing the victim’s cookies. Since the cookies are used to authenticate the user on a website, the cracker uses them to access the users’ Wifi account. It is mostly applied in Lan’s.

  1. Side Jacking With Firesheep

The other method that is used to crack Wifi passwords and whose popularity is growing is the side jacking with firesheep. This method was common in the last quarter of 2010 and is still being used. For this method to work well, the victim and the attacker must all be on the same Wifi network and hence it targets Wifi users. Mobile phone cracking is also one of the methods used to crack Wifi passwords because some people access Wifi using their mobile devices. In this particular scenario, the victim’s mobile phone is used to gain access to his account. A lot of software is then used to monitor the cell phone.

  1. The DNS Method

DNS is also among the many methods used to crack Wifi passwords. The victim and the attacker should be on the same network for the method to work. The attacker uses DNS to change the Wifi formats, a thing that helps him gain access to the victims Wifi account.