Do a Simple Hairstyle for School

Every girl wants to look good when she goes to school, and a cute hairstyle is an integral part of looks. To give your little one the joy and happiness of a beautiful hairstyle, try these ideas that are simple and less time-consuming for you as well. For older girls, these are simple suggestions that can help to transform their hair within just a few minutes.

Below are some suggestions for a simple hairstyle for school:

Choice #1: Side Braid

If your daughter has a reasonable length of hair, then this is a cool and simple hairstyle for school. Brush your hair to the right or left and braid it. Keep the braids loose or tight, depending on your personal choice. You can also use hair clips or bobby pins to keep the braid in place.

Choice #2: Rebel Hairstyle with Double Tones

Mid-length hair is a popular style among teenagers. The best part about this hair style is that you can use contrasting double tones such as black and blonde to add a touch of class. To do this styling, part hair deeply so that one side has maximum hair. It does not matter which side it is. Dry it and iron your hair to get smooth strands and a highly detailed look.

Choice #3: Crossover

In this hairstyle, take a few strands of hair from each side. Cross hair on both sides for a cool look. Finally, put a clip in the area where the hairs crossover and leave the rest of your hair down. You can also curl or straighten the rest of your hair, depending on your choice. This hairstyle works better with longer hair, and is in fact, a great way to show it off.

Choice #4: Soft and Studious

This hairstyle is perfect for anyone who want to keep their hair out of their face. The best part about this hairstyle is that it is simple and looks good on any type and length of hair. To begin, style your hair the way you want. Part it down in the middle or on one side, but make sure that ample hair is present on both sides. Take a few strands of hair on one side, braid it and fix a bobby pin at the back. Repeat it on the other side too, and you will get a hairstyle that is stylish and convenient.