Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery

If you thought surgery is the only way to get bigger breasts, think again because there are many natural ways to increase the size of your breasts without undergoing an expensive and complex surgery.

Below are some natural ways to get bigger breasts without surgery.

Option #1 : Exercise

Surprisingly, exercise is a great way to get larger breasts. Push-ups, for example, works not only on your triceps, but also on the pectoral muscles located below your breasts. Other exercises that can increase the size of your pectoral muscles are lifting dumb bells, doing the fly lift and wall press. If your muscles become well-developed due to regular exercise, then it will reflect on the size of your breasts as well.

Option #2: Diet

Go on a binge eating diet, load on more fat and calories and gorge on all your favorite foods. When you gain weight, it will cause your breasts to bulge out along with other parts of your body such as stomach, thighs and arms. This is a good option if you are really thin, as this will help you to get better shape. However, if you only want to increase your breast size and not the other parts of your body, then this option will not help much.

Option #3: Choose the Right Bra

Wearing the right bra can make your breasts look much bigger, and more importantly, it will provide the right support for your breast and back muscles. Studies show that eight out of every ten women wear small bras that make their breasts look small. At the same time, wearing too big bras can cause your breasts to hang loose and look small. For this reason, it is a good idea to focus on the width of your bra instead of choosing based on the cup size.

Another trick is to wear a padded or push-up bra to make your breasts look bigger than what they are.

Option #4: Have Patience

Lastly, do not expect your breasts to increase in size overnight. It can take anywhere from a few months to a few years depending on the things you are doing to increase its size. In the meantime, avoid using pills or injections to increase your breast size as this can have potential side effects that may sometimes even lead to severe health complications. Also, stay away from online scams that promise to help you get bigger breasts without surgery