Fownload songs from Google Play Music

In the world that we are currently living music is all around us. No matter where you go, what you do or who is with you, most of the times, you will have your headset with you, connected to your phone, playing your favourite songs. It goes without saying that there is nothing wrong with that as music is probably the most popular form of art. Via music, many people express themselves or find the inner piece that they have been looking for. Well, in order to enjoy the songs and playlists that you prefer, you need a place from where to download them. There is not a shadow of doubt that one of the best out there is the Google Play Music store. There you will find not only the latest music but the masterpieces from the past as well. The whole process is extremely easy and effortless and all you have to do is follow the simple guide that has been made for you below.

How to download songs from Google Play Music?

Step 1 - Create an account

Most people nowadays already have a Google account as it is widely used for email, entertainment, researching information and many other valuable actions. Nevertheless, if you are new to the tech world, the process of creating an account is easier than ever. What is more, Google has made the registration available from all its sites. This way you can pick the one that you prefer the most and sign up there.

Fill in the information that is required from the site, and very soon you will have your very first Google account. You may use it on all platforms, including the Google store.

Step 2 - Signing in to your Google Store account

Enter your name/gmail into the fields provided as well as your password. Afterwards, you will be transferred to the home page of the Google Store.

Step 3 - Entering the music store

In order to begin searching for your favourite songs, you need to enter the music shop. You are currently on the first page and may choose between Apps, Games, Movies & TV, Music, Books, Newsstand. You need to simply tap the music option, which is in the orange box.

Step 4 - Look around what you need

Once you have accessed the home page of the Google Play Music Store, it is time to find the song that you intend to download. You can scroll down and find the latest trends in the music industry or simply use the search bar for a specific song or producer. In case you are not sure what to look for, there are a number of menus to review - top albums, new releases, top songs.

Step 5 - Download the song

After you have chosen what you need, it is time to order it and finally download it on your phone. Press on the song and a new menu, containing information about it will open. From there, tap on the price and you will be asked to enter a payment method. Follow the process and very soon your download will begin.

After all these steps are covered, you will have a chance to listen to your number one song every day while working, jogging or simply lying in bed.