Get Rid Of Fleas

Fleas are tiny pests that can cause many issues for humans including bites, rashes, and just a general sense of discomfort in your own home/car/area. If your pet has recently brought home fleas, it helps to know the steps to take to get rid of these.

Here’s what to know.

Step 1: Watch The Area

The first thing you need to do is fully clean all areas/objects that may have been infected. This means watching the pet bed, the bed sheets, the couch cushions and blankets on the couch as well as anything else that the pet may have touched.

If any of these objects is full of dirt, you may want to just toss it entirely and purchase a new one instead. Many people will opt to purchase new ones regardless as often washing will not remove the eggs and they may still hatch.

Step 2: Use An Insect Growth Regulator

Purchase an insect growth regulator, which is a spray designed to help stop the spread of the flees by reducing the larvae from hatching into adult fleas. This is important because often it is hard for you to get into the deep layers of fabric or carpet to control the larvae.

Step 3: Vacuum Thoroughly

Your next step is to vacuum all the rooms in your house as thoroughly as possible. You may also want to place a flea collar in the vacuum head to help ensure that they are destroyed in the process.

Once you have finished, carefully remove and seal the vacuum bag and immediately take it into the trash, placing it outside. Double bag the vacuum bag if you are more comfortable.

Step 4: Place Flea Traps Around The House

To help prevent any remaining fleas from becoming a problem for you, consider filling a shallow bowl of water with some dish detergent and then placing a night light as close to the bowl as possible. Be sure the bowl is shallow enough the fleas can jump into it, which they will as they’re lured in by the light. This will kill them off very well, removing the remaining fleas from your home effectively.

Step 5: Wash Your Pet

Finally, before letting your pet roam your house again, be sure to wash him or her thoroughly with a flea shampoo. You can purchase these in any major pet store or if you prefer, make your own by using natural insecticides such as rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, or citrus oil.

Once the pet is washed and dry, consider also applying a flea collar to control any fleas that remain and prevent new ones from coming into the picture.