Get Rid Of Roaches

There’s nothing quite like seeing a roach crawling across your floor, so if you happen to be in the situation where you have roaches living in your home, it’s important to know the steps to take to get rid of them.

Here is how to remove those roaches for good.

Step 1: Get Mindful Of Water

Without water, roaches will not survive for long. As such, take a look at your home and fix any possible leaky faucets or other source of moisture you may have. Be sure that no water is ever left on the floor either (such as after having a bath or shower).

Step 2: Get Cleaning

Do a very thorough clean of your home, especially the kitchen area. Roaches love to feed off grease, so be sure that oven top is spotless. Likewise, place all plates in the cupboards and keep the sink clean. Make sure no food is ever left to sit out, which can encourage roaches as well.

All garbage bins should also be emptied daily to prevent roaches from feeding on food particles in there. Once emptied, keep those containers sealed with a lid.

Step 3: Lay Out Some Traps And Bait

Once everything is clean, lay out some roach traps. Place these wherever you saw the roaches as well as anywhere else you think they may be. If you aren’t sure, placing one in every room will give you some piece of mind.

In addition to this, try using a roach bait, which will help kill off any nests that are in the house. You may also wish to spray an insecticide as well.

Step 4: Remove Wood From Around The House

If you have piles of word around the house, move them as far away as possible. Roaches love to hide in this wood and then when it gets cooler outside, they often will make their way directly inside the house. If you move the wood further away, you’ll reduce the chances this happens.

Step 5: Be Sure To Seal Your House

Finally, be sure that your house is fully sealed to prevent any roaches from getting in. This means sealing any cracks in the walls or any other areas that you see that may allow them to sneak inside. If you cannot do this yourself, consider hiring a professional to do it for you.