Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur when your skin has expanded due to a range of different reasons such as pregnancy, sudden weight loss or gain, stress and abrupt changes in the surrounding physical environment. They are mostly found in the abdominal area, breasts, thighs and upper arms because these are where typically skin stretches frequently. These marks can make you feel uncomfortable and conscious, so it best to address them at the earliest.

Some ways to get rid of stretch marks are:

Option #1: Castor Oil

Castor oil is an age-old remedy used for skin blemishes like acne and wrinkles, and it can be used to remove stretch marks too. Apply two tablespoons of castor oil on the stretch marks and massage in a circular motion for about ten minutes. Next, wrap a thin cloth around this area and apply a heating pad or a hot water filled bottle. You can do this procedure once or twice a day, and within a month you are sure to see a change.

Option #2: Potatoes

The juice in potatoes are loaded with minerals and vitamins that work like magic on dead skin cells. Just take a slice of potato and rub it on the stretch marks for a few minutes. Alternately, squeeze some potato juice, soak a piece of cotton in it and then, apply it on your stretch marks. The starch present in potatoes will bring the skin cells together, that in turn, will make the stretch marks less apparent.

Option #3: Egg Whites

Surprising as it may sound, egg whites are good for your skin because of the amino acids present in it. However, use only the whites and not the yolk. To apply, take the whites of two eggs and whip them together to make a paste. Clean the skin area and apply this egg whites paste on it. Leave it on for some time until the egg whites are completely dry, and then rinse it with cold water. Lastly, apply a natural moisturizer like olive oil or cream. Repeat this procedure once a day for three weeks to get good results.

Option #4: Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has become so advanced today that it can fix almost any skin problem. You can check with your local cosmetic surgeon to know more about removing stretch marks in a surgical way. The downside is that this may be a costly option as your insurance provider will not cover it.