Get Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo is one of the oldest and best Email service which has been there for more than 18 years now. Although Yahoo mail is not as popular as it was in its early day and one of the biggest reason is the introduction of more mature Email services such as Gmail by Google. Apart from its popularity, Yahoo mail is still used widely across the globe to exchange the information, messages, documents and pictures. Yahoo mail account is also used to manage all web services related with the Yahoo such as Flickr and Tumbler. Creating a new Yahoo mail account is not a difficult account and anyone can get his/her own Yahoo Email within few seconds.


Once you have collected all these things, follow these things to get a new Yahoo mail account.

Creating Yahoo Mail Account:

From the Web Browser on your computer or Mobile, go to as shown in the screenshot below. You can also click on the hyperlink which will automatically take you to the Yahoo Mail.

Scroll down and click on the Sign Up for a new account

Now, it will open the new account form which will demand certain information such as your First name, last name, and Yahoo user name, a new password for your account, Birthday, Gender, phone number and an alternative phone number.

Fill out this form carefully, when you click on the Yahoo username box, it will automatically show you some username, and you can either select one of them or choose your own unique name. This username will be the Email address of your account, so please choose it wisely and we will recommend you to use your original name in the username to make it look like professional.

In the password section, there is a little green bar under the password. As you enter the more complex characters, numbers and symbol, the length of the green bar increases, it shows the strength of the password of your Yahoo account. Moreover, also write down your password on a piece of paper or notes on your mobile phone and save it some place save.

Now, if you have a relative or a friend, you can give his number in this box to recover your email account. Choose wisely because whoever have this number can reset your Yahoo password.

Once you filled the form, click on the Create Account


The next step is the verification, enter your active mobile number and click on Send SMS, you can also use the call option to hear the four digit code. Click on the little call you hyperlink just below the send SMS.

Now, enter the code that you have received on your Mobile Phone and hit the Submit Code

Wait for a few second and let Yahoo set your account. If you have Facebook, Google or Outlook account, you can connect them with this new Yahoo account other click on the Skip Setup

That’s it! Your new Yahoo Mail account is active and ready to use.