GPS Track a Cell Phone

GPS also known as Global Positioning system gives you the exact location of a cell phone. Most of the modern Cell Phones such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Series, HTC, Windows Phone and Blackberry come with an embedded GPS chip that tells you about the location of the cell phone. There are many benefits of GPS chip; you can track down the location of your children, can track the exact location of your recently lost iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. You can also use it know the exact location of a friend using Find my Friends application from the App Store. Before you enable any of the below-mentioned methods, make sure you have enabled the particular phone option. Otherwise these methods will not work. The method of tracking different phones depend upon the operating system of your mobile phone.

  1. How to GPS Track an iPhone?

Apple devices come with a built-in security feature to track the lost iPhone using iCloud Account. Before you can use this feature, you will have to activate on your iPhone. Here’s how you can find my iPhone feature:

Go to Settings, scroll down and click on iCloud

If you already have an iCloud account, add your credentials and scroll down. Now, Tap on Find My iPhone.

Now, Enable the Find My iPhone. In the newer version of iOS, you can also enable the Send Last Location, which will automatically save the last location of your iPhone to Apple servers.

Once you have set the Find My iPhone option on your iPhone, now you don’t have to do anything. However, if your iPhone gets stolen or lost, you can follow these steps to locate it:

Open Web browser on your computer and go to Add your iCloud Account credentials; Email and Password and hit the Arrow button.

Click on Find iPhone as shown in the screenshot below.

Wait a few moments, and it will show the Map, Click on All Devices and select a device whose location you want to track.

Once, you click on the device; a little screen will be shown in the right side of the screen that has three different options.

  1. How to GPS Track an Android?

Just like Apple, Google has also released a separate tool to locate or erase the lost android phone. Unlike Find My iPhone, you will not have to enable any options from the settings on your iPhone. You can follow these steps to locate an Android Phone.

From Web Browser on a computer, Go to , you can also find the Android Device Manager application from the Play Store.

Now, log in to your Google account and password.

Once opened, it will show a pop up on the main screen, click on Accept

Now, you will have the exact location of your Android Phone; you can also use three different options:

  1. How to GPS Track a Windows Phone?

The method to track a Windows Phone is particularly similar to that of an Android Phone or iPhone. All you have to do is just to sign in to your Hotmail account that you used, and there you will have multiple options for yourself.

First of all, Go to and log-in with the same account that you used on your Windows Phone.

Select the device that you want to track.

Click on Find My Phone

Click on Find My Phone and here you will see different options such as