Lose Your Virginity Painlessly

The time when you first decide to have sexual intercourse can be exciting, anxiety-ridden, and possibly even scary all at once. You are likely excited to make this level of connection with your partner and are excited to see what it feels like but at the same time, may be feeling very nervous about the pain associated with it. You might have heard horror stores of women before you losing their virginity and feeling terrible pain the entire time. While each woman’s experience will be unique, the good news is you can take steps to avoid the pain.

Here’s what to consider.

Method 1: Lubrication

Lubrication will help to reduce the friction associated with sexual intercourse, which is one of the primary reasons why women experience pain. Be sure to apply some water-based lubrication to your vaginal region or your partners penis before sex takes place.

Method 2: Choose Someone You Feel Safe And Close Too

There’s much to be said about choosing the right partner to lose your virginity with. Don’t rush into having sex with someone you hardly know, don’t deeply care about, and feel safe with. If you do, you will not feel as relaxed and comfortable with this man and that can cause the vaginal muscles to tighten up, leading to painful intercourse.

The more comfortable you are, the smoother the process will go. Your psychological mind-state plays a key role.

Method 3: Adjust Your Sex Style

The first time you have sex, you’ll want to be sure you let your partner know that it is in fact your first time. Don’t feel shy about expressing your virginity. A partner who cares about you will proceed gently and slowly with the process. The slower he goes during this first time, the easier it will be to give feedback of what’s good and what’s too much. Be sure to voice how you feel during the process if you are nervous. Communication at this time is important.

Method 4: Set The Stage

In addition to communicating with your partner and making sure you are having sexual intercourse for the first time with someone you care about, also be sure that you are setting the stage for relaxation.

Try lighting a few candles, possibly taking a bath before hand, and choosing an environment that’s comfortable and private. This will all help you relax further and ensure that you aren’t tense and tight, making it more likely that the sex will be painful.