Make Your Vagina Smell Good

While it’s perfectly normal for your vagina to have a certain scent of its own, if you are concerned over the scent, there are a number of things that you can do to control this. If you notice a scent that is much different than normal however, do keep in mind this could indicate an issue that you may need medical assistance for such as a yeast infection. If this is the case, speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the following methods can be utilized.

Method 1: Practice Good Hygiene

To maintain a pleasant smelling vagina, you’ll want to be sure to use good hygiene. This means showering daily, shaving or trimming your pubic hair, washing clothes regularly (always wearing a new pair of clean underwear) as well as changing feminine hygiene pads or tampons regularly when using them.

Method 2: Wear Cotton Underwear

It’s also important that you wear comfortable cotton underwear. Cotton is going to let your vagina breathe as best as possible. Avoid nylon or any other fabrics that don’t allow for good air circulation.

Method 3: Avoid Very Tight Clothing

Along with choosing your underwear carefully, also be sure that you are avoiding tightly fitting clothing. This can cause the area to become moist, which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Keep clothing lose enough that there is a steady air flow whenever possible.

Method 4: Consider Vaginal Wipes

You may want to consider one the vaginal wipe products currently on the market. These are designed to help eliminate odors and give you a fresher feel, especially before sexual intercourse.

Be sure to choose a wipe that is specifically intended for this purpose however. Using everyday hand wipes is not preferred as this will not be formulated for the vaginal environment and can lead to dryness and other issues.

Method 5: Watch Your Diet

The foods you eat on a daily basis can also influence the scent of your vagina. Try and stay away from strong spices, too much garlic, as well as an overload of sugar.

Good food options to promote a good smelling vagina include pineapple as well as yogurt. Being sure to eat plenty of fresh produce and less animal meat can also help improve your scent.