Make Sex Last Longer

Sex between two consenting adults can be one of the greatest experiences in life. If you would like to enjoy that experience longer each time you do it, it helps to know a few tips to help make sex last longer. While some men will have physiological issues that cause them to ejaculate very soon upon entering their partner, often the issues are something that can be easily managed with a few simple steps.

Method 1: Use A Condom

The more sensations you experience on your penis, the faster the chances are you will ejaculate. Using a condom then, which provides a barrier between your skin and that of your partners vagina, can help to reduce the sensation experienced, slowing down the process. This can help make sex last longer.

Method 2: Have Sex More Frequently

If you have not had sex for a number of days, you will be primed to ejaculate quickly due to not having this need for sex met. Making an effort to have sex at least a couple of times per week may help increase the duration of each session.

Do keep in mind however that each man is unique in his own sexual needs, so while some men may need to ejaculate daily to keep from doing so quickly during sex, others may be fine doing so just once or twice per week.

Method 3: Cut Down On Alcohol And/or Drugs

As much as having that drink might help you relax to have sexual intercourse, it can also help you ejaculate faster. While some men will find the opposite and that drinking makes it impossible to ejaculate at all, most will find that it makes it harder to control when they do so, which might mean sexual activity ends very quickly upon starting.

One drink likely won’t impact things too much, but have two or three and you could see an influence.

Method 4: Use Distractions

During sex, if you feel you are going to ejaculate, try thinking of something that distracts you. This could be something like doing math problems in your head, thinking about what you need to do the next day, or thinking other non-sexual thoughts.

If that doesn’t work, distract yourself by changing positions. This will alter the sensation on your penis and help delay ejaculation.