Rotate Your Computer Screen

Normally, the orientation of a computer screen is set as the Landscape. However, some users want to change it to the Portrait mode for different reasons. You might be using a Windows Tablet or a MacBook Air which want to use to read a book. The portrait mode gives you a wide screen by the help of which you can easily read a book with the more screen and a perfect fit. Moreover, it can also be used to mount different monitors with the same screen to provide a better perspective to watch the screen. Natively, you can rotate the screen by a 90o angle to any direction with the different Keyboard shortcuts or by using the native settings in the Windows and Mac OS X.  However, some chipset also provides an excellent way to rotate the computer screen. Here’s the complete step by step guide on how you can rotate the computer screen on different operating systems using various options.

  1. How to rotate computer screen on Windows?

Rotating a computer screen on Windows is far easy as compared to the Mac OS X because it provides different methods to do this action without going to advance setup. You can use any of the three options mentioned below.

Right Click on the Desktop and select the Display Settings

A new windows will be opened, the screenshot mentioned below is taken in Windows 10, although the overall look is a little different but it will work in the same manner on all versions of windows. Click on Landscape under Orientation and change it to Portrait or flipped whatever may suit you. Click on Apply Button.

A new dialogue will pop-up asking whether you want to keep this new orientation or not. Click on Save Changes to retain it or Revert to change the screen back to normal.

This is by far the easiest method to rotate your computer screen. Press the Alt + Ctrl and a suitable arrow key to rotate the computer screen.

Using Chipset software:

This method will work with the computers supporting the Intel, NVidia or any third party chipset in your computer.

Go to the desktop, Right Click and select Graphics Properties

From the main screen, Click on Display


Here you will find a rotation bar, which will let you rotate the computer screen by 90O angel. You can select from 0 to 270 to rotate in a particular direction. Click on Apply button to enable this direction.

  1. How to rotate computer screen on Mac?

Click on Apple icon in the Top left corner of screen and select System Preferences

The new windows contain all the settings for your Mac, click on Display

Click on the Display again.

In this new window, Click on Rotation button to rotate the direction of your screen in the best way. You can select any option and afterwards, click on the cross button to save the settings.

That’s it! Using these ways, you can rotate the screen in any possible direction in the perfect way.