Search by Image on Google

There is no deny in the fact that Google is the biggest search engine right now and one the main reasons behind this fact is how Google ranks different websites. Most of the people search using the text but there are some hidden things in the Google search that only few people know about. For example, you can search using your voice and by images. The fascinating thing about searching via and image on Google is that it will look for the similar pictures or the pages that have posted a similar picture. Moreover, Google will also give you some results depending upon the size of your image or the colors in your image. So, if you don’t know about an image, you can put this image on the Google, and it will tell you everything about the image.

There are three different ways of searching by a picture file in the Google, you can either upload an image to the Google, paste the link of the image or can directly search from a web page. Google takes privacy very seriously, so, if you are uploading a personal image, keep in mind that Google will keep a record of these images. Here’s the detailed guide on how you can search by an Image on Google.

  1. Search via Uploading an Image to Google Server:

This is by far the easiest way of searching for an image on the Google. First of all, go to the and in the search bar, you can either enter the text or can record your text or can upload the image. Click on the Camera icon in the most right corner of the screen.

Now, Click on the Upload Image and select Choose File. You can also drag and drop the image in this section. Simply select an image from your computer and drag it to this portion on Chrome.

Select the image from your computer and click on Open. It may take some time to upload the image to the Google depending upon the size of your file.

In the search result, the top image is what you have uploaded with the dimensions. If you know something about this image, you can write that text and hit the search button to perform search.

  1. Search Via Pasting a link:

If you have seen an image on the internet and want to search for the similar image, first of all copy the link of the image.

Now, Go to the and click on the camera button. On the next screen, paste the recently copied address of the image.

When the search is completed, it will show similar images from different sources such as website and images.

  1. Search directly from a Website:

Did you find an interesting image on the internet, want to see similar images? Well, Google can help you do that. Just right-click on the image and select Search Google for Image.

A new tab will be opened showing all the web pages and images related to this image.


Search by Image on Google is one of the most powerful and innovative way for exploring different images. All of the above mentioned methods work approximately in every web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. But, for some web browsers, you might need to install third party extension from Google. Such as for Mozilla Firefox, Click here to install the free image search Add-on from Google.