Say I Love You in French, German, and Italian


Learning new languages can be fun and interesting, and what better phrase to memorize than “I love you?” Saying this phrase in a new language can spice things up with some exotic flair. Since French and Italian have very different origins from German, you will notice how unique the phrases sound from each other.


French: Je t’amie.

The French words for “I love you” are “Je t’aime.” Learning how to say I love you in French might seem tricky at first, but with a little practice you will find it’s quite simple.

The “j” in je is pronounced zh. Think of the sound made by “g” in the word mirage.

The “e” in je is pronounced like oo in the word look.

T’aime is pronounced tem. It rhymes with the word them.

Put these sounds together and you have jzhoo tem, or “je t’aime.”


German: Ich liebe dich.

The German words for “I love you” are “Ich liebe dich.”

The “i” in ich is pronounced like the ee in the word week.

The “ch” in the word ich is pronounced with a sound somewhat between sh and ck. To produce this sound, first pronounce the “i” as ee, then spread your tongue to the sides of the roof of your mouth and make a soft ck sound. It will sound similar to the exclamation “eek,” but the end sound is slightly softer.

The word leibe is a little easier.

The “ei” in leibe is also pronounced like the ee in week.

The end of the word sounds similar to buh (or more accurately, beh). So liebe is pronounced lee-beh.

The word dich is pronounced exactly like ich, but with a “d” in front of it.

So the entire phrase is eek lee-beh deek, or “ich leibe dich.”



Italian: Ti amo.

There are several ways to say “I love you” in Italian. We are going to focus on the phrase “Ti amo,” which is a more romantic and sensual phrase.

The “i” in ti is pronounced like the ee in week. So ti sounds like tee.

The “a” in amo sounds like ah. The “o” is a long o, so it sounds like the o in open. This gives you the word ah-moh or amo.

So the entire phrase reads tee ah-moh or “ti amo.”


With a little practice to get the pronunciation right, you will be all set with three new ways to express your love!