Take a Screenshot on iPhone 6

Screenshots are the easiest way to capture your digital life, you can’t only take images of a problem on your iPhone, but you can instantly share them with a tech expert to seek information for the solutions. Apart from problem resolving, screenshots can also be used to capture a beautiful or funny chat with your friends. Being a writer, you can also screenshots of different applications to explain the certain features or problems in a specific application or settings on your iPhone. You can also take the screenshot of Snapchat or Instagram, which doesn’t allow you to save the images directly from their applications.  Long gone are the days when taking a screenshot was a big problem on the Smartphones. Apple has sorted out this problem in a perfect way in iOS 3 and now users will also have special folders in albums that are specifically there to save the screenshots. So, if you a blogger or a person who take so many screenshots, you will get all of them under a different album in your photos on iPhone. Once you have captured the screenshots, you can edit them, share them with your friends on various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, can send them to your friends via Email or WhatsApp. Here’s how you can take a screenshot on iPhone 6.

How to take a screenshot:

 Taking a screenshot on iPhone is pretty easy. First of all, you will have to navigate to the web page, application, settings or anything that you want to capture.

Now, Press and hold the Home button and Sleep button together for a few seconds to capture the screenshot. Release them as soon as you hear the shutter sound of a camera. The home button is located on the main screen of your iPhone 6 while the sleep/week button is present on the right side of the iPhone.

That’s it! You have taken the screenshot on your iPhone 6. Now, to locate the recently taken screenshots, open Photos Application.

Click on Albums and select screenshots to find the recently taken screenshots.

Edit Screenshots on iPhone 6:

On iPhone, you can apply different filters, crop and rotate a screenshot. Open the screenshot from photos and click on the Edit button at the top right corner.

The top line shows the tools for enhancement while the lower line will let you crop, adjust brightness or apply filters on a screenshot. Select the editing tool and apply it on a photo.

Share the screenshots on iPhone 6:

iPhone 6 also provides a great way to share screenshots with other people. Click on the Upward Arrow icon in the lower left corner.

Now, you can share it using Air Drop, Email, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

Save Screenshots on Computer from iPhone 6:

Saving the screenshot on your computer from iPhone is just like saving any other image from the iPhone. Simply connect it with the PC and import the pictures to computer or sync it with the iTunes.