Use A Condom

When having sexual intercourse, unless you are trying to become pregnant or are with a partner who you trust and have been exclusively seeing for some time (and you both have been tested for STD’s), using a condom is important. Condoms are relatively easy to use and provide an effective method to keep you safe from disease during sexual intercourse.

Here’s how to use one.

Method 1: Him Putting On The Condom

Often the man will take the initiative to put on the condom as he is often the one supplying it. To put a condom on yourself, first check the expiry. Note that expired condoms will not be effective, so refrain from using one. Likewise, be sure not to apply lotion, petroleum jelly, or an oil based lubricant to your penis prior to using the condom as this can make the condom less effective.

Next, tear open the wrapper, being sure not to tear the condom itself. Next, look at which direction the condom is rolled by feeling the edges and center with your fingers (or looking at it if there is light). Unroll it just once and then place it directly over the tip of your penis, being sure that the reservoir at the tip is pointing away from the body. Once on, pinch the tip to squeeze out any air and reduce the chances the condom breaks while wearing it.

Once the condom is around the tip and fitting snug, slowly roll it down the rest of the penis until it’s fully unrolled. You’re now ready to proceed.

Method 2: Her Putting On The Condom

If the female decides she wants to put on the condom, she should first take extra care while doing so if she has longer fingernails. It can be quite easy to damage the condom while putting it on her partner so consider trimming the nails first or be mindful while handling the condom.

She should also wash her hands first to remove any body lotion that may be present (if she uses some).

Next, she can proceed in the same manner listed above, making sure that the man is fully erect prior to placing the condom on him.

After either method, once sex has been completed, the condom should be disposed of immediately after. Tie the end of the condom so no ejaculate leaks out and then toss in the garbage bin. Do not flush down the toilet as this clog it.