Take a Screenshot with Microsoft Windows

There are plenty of uses of taking a screenshot, it can be used to help someone with an issue on a software or can also be useful to tell about a problem that you are facing. With the new version of Microsoft Windows 8, there are plenty of options to take a screenshot, you can either take a screenshot of the complete desktop, of a selected windows or select an area to take the screenshot. Moreover Microsoft has also built-in an amazing snipping tool to quickly take screenshots with many options to edit the screenshot and directly send them via Email. This guide will help you to take screenshots using both the print screen button on your keyboard and built-in snipping tool.

  1. How to take screenshot using “Print screen” button on your Keyboard?

Press the “Prt scr” button on your laptop to take a screenshot. It will automatically take the screenshot, you won’t see anything on the screen. So, don’t press it again and again.

Once you have taken a screenshot, it will be copied to your Clipboard, you can save it using “Paint”. Open the “Paint” from start menu. Press “Ctrl + V” from your keyboard to paste your screenshot. Alternatively, you can also click on the “Paste” button as shown in the screenshot below.

Now, Click on the “File” menu and select “Save” to save the screenshot.

There are plenty of formats to save the screenshots, the best and recommended ones include the JPEG format or the PNG, select the appropriate format and click on the “Save” button to save the screenshots.

Important Tips:

Taking a screenshot using this method is bit lengthy and time consuming because it requires three different steps from taking a screenshot to saving it on your desktop. However, Microsoft offers another amazing tool, Snipping tool, to take screenshot without all this hassle.

  1. How to take screenshots using Snipping Tool?

Go to search on your Windows, Write “Snipping Tool”. Click on the tool to open it.

On the main interface of the tool, you can click on “Arrow” to select from four different options. You can take the screenshot of desktop, windows, rectangular screenshot and free form to take screenshot.

You can also select a delay to take the screenshot from 0 to 5 seconds.

After setting the parameters, click on the “New” to take a screenshot.

After taking a screenshot, a new window will be opened to have different options for your screenshot. You can save it on your computer, send it to a person via Email, or can use a pen to mark different and eraser to erase the marked things.

That’s it! This is so far the best and easiest way to take screenshot on Microsoft Windows.